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Website Development Process

What we will do for you…

Needs assessment

Phase 1

We discuss with you and guide your choices according to your website needs and your business goals.


Phase 2

We design and develop your user-friendly website according to your specifications.


Phase 3

We optimize your website for search engines (SEO) so it has a high visibility on the internet.


Phase 4

Your website is ready and fully functional, you can easily reach the internet audience you are targeting.

Website Development

Your website is developed specifically for your project, according to your particular needs, Each has a CMS (Content Management System) so you can add informations in it at you want, and is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ready.

Website Design

Your website design is uniquely conceive to fit your company profile. Your website is responsive to any kind of screens (Desktop, laptop, tableats and any smart-phone), since these days 60% of your visit will come from portable devices.

Ecommerce Website

Your ecommerce website is engineered to maximize your products exposure through a great design and a maximal visibility from search engines like Google. Your ecommerce website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Paolo web design and development in Hong Kong

Website development service in HK

Paolo web design Hong KongPaolo web design vietnam is a team of French developers and designers. We are programming top of the line websites for today’s internet industry, and will make your website beautiful, customer friendly, easy for you to use and give it a good ranking on search engines, because… that’s what we do! We are developing professional websites at the best value for your money.

Website Maintenance and Services

Website maintenance

If you are a small business that uses the most popular content management system around, yes I am talking about WordPress, I think it is time you consider enlisting the help of a WordPress maintenance service to help you with the managerial tasks required to keep your website running. Our plans starts at 50 USD/month only…
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SEO campaign

If you want to make some money with your website, you will need to be on top of search engines. SEO campaigns are proved to have the best ROI (Return On Investment) money can buy. It does not go cheap, but you have to invest some to make some. Be the on the top of Google is possible if you have the means to go after your ambitions.
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